By the Participant Exhibitors

KHNUM Across Times Witness

May you live in interesting times when we live our present while searching for the essence of past times. In our search, we met those people who lived and coexisted peacefully. Their civilization linked earth with heaven which taught them patience, wisdom, and contemplation. This civilization taught them the secrets of all fields of knowledge, medicine, engineering, mummification, and astronomy.

They did not only originate all types of visual and auditory arts, but they excelled in arts of architecture, sculpture, music overages. Their knowledge was persistent that it was prolonged to the future. Their patience and wisdom crowned their success. Indeed, they spent interesting times.

Their civilization documented all moments and secrets of despair and hardship. Those secrets that are going to out pass us to many generations to come. Those generations of our offspring who are going to set the rules for the hard controversy equation of real formula of coexistence, political and social harbingers, the falsehood of the news, and retouch the crises.

All will help us reach the conclusion that proves we all come from one origin, so we all belong, we all unite, we all live in interesting times. The profundity of the past sent us a messenger to narrate what has been witnessed through that very long journey. The sent messenger is Khnum.

Khnum is the trusted temple secrets guard and the history teller. Khanoum is the envoy who registered everything has been seen, the receiver of the celestial oracles, who decoded the ciphered messages. When Khnum calls out, only the contemplated wise would hear the calls. When we hear his voice, we see the face that reflects what has been lived and seen on that eventful road he guards.

When we look over this road guarded with rams, we feel the growing fragrant in our chests. Hasting through that road towards our particular target, we tend to know, feel, learn, extradite, and sometimes die. Always we die before reaching our goal leaving behind us a room to those who are going to continue the journey. We don’t realize the gist of our feelings until we are already in the middle of way. Only those who experienced, would know it and would know how these feelings would tear you up through the journey.

An unstoppable world it is, yet stillness overwhelms us. Eventful world despite of the individuality of this very moment of our journey. All windows reveal their stories that vary and diverse. Some stories rise you till you fly, and others drop you till they bury you. What a journey! Full of secrets yet dust covers the pictures, this eternal dust that covers all even consciences.

We need wind to clear out the dust and to take us where we outwait those who will advent after us. We will be another window on the way. We will be a mortal engrave that endear with time.

Despite of our different languages, we still feel and understand what transfers to us visually. This difference unites our thirst to know and to understand the visual language.

Here comes the power of the eternal visual messages that we comprehend despite our diverse tongues, that they live immorally when people and languages perish. We still spend and live in interesting times with sharing and learning from them.

The Artists

A picture of the beginning of the idea since 2006

Sketches and sculpture studies 2018

Panorama of the pavilion and a cross section 2018

The exit door is a hierarchical form, inspired by the small pyramid of the workers ‘ tombs on the west side from the Nile of Luxor City Egypt 1995.

A general design includes the name of Khnum in hieroglyphics

Participating Artists

Islam Abdullah

Egyptian Designer & Director A contemporary Egyptian artist, born in Cairo 1974, studied art at Cairo University. His artistic career began in 1990 with the beginning of his studies in art. He received his bachelor's degree. Major [...]

Ahmed AbdElkreem

Prof. Ahmed AbdElKreem The Egyptian artist was born in Cairo in 1973. He studied art at Cairo University and obtained his master's and PHD in design philosophy. He was engaged in studying human relations, life and the [...]

Ahmed Chiha

Artist Ahmed Chiha Born on 1945 Cairo. Member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists. Member of the Artists and Writers Association. Member of several committees of the Supreme Council of Culture and many technical committees including the [...]

Moataz Abdullah

Designer, Editor & Visual media composer. Artist/Moataz Abdallah, Born on the 26th of November 1977. Bachelor of Art Education, Cairo University, 1999. National and International Art field. Participated in the Faculty of Specific Education exhibition "1999". 28th [...]

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