Islam Abdullah

Egyptian Designer & Director A contemporary Egyptian artist, born in Cairo 1974, studied art at Cairo University. His artistic career began in 1990 with the beginning of his studies in art. He received his bachelor's degree. Major Ceramics in the master's degree. He also major Panting in pre master's studies. He worked in the field of filming as a director and consultant in the field of media, during his career he produced documentary movies. His art was influenced by his excessive use of technology. He participated in 39 individual and collective, local and international art [...]

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Ahmed AbdElkreem

Prof. Ahmed AbdElKreem The Egyptian artist was born in Cairo in 1973. He studied art at Cairo University and obtained his master's and PHD in design philosophy. He was engaged in studying human relations, life and the security of art. He worked on his art in creativity and innovation. He was the first performer in performance art in Egypt in 1994. , Installation, ceramics and was a leader in the arts of media and the entry of sound to the artwork and won many of the most important awards, the grand award (Akhenaten Gold Prize). [...]

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Ahmed Chiha

Artist Ahmed Chiha Born on 1945 Cairo. Member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists. Member of the Artists and Writers Association. Member of several committees of the Supreme Council of Culture and many technical committees including the Chairman “Salon of Youth” Arbitration Committee for two sessions. Recipient of the State Appreciation Award in the Arts, he received the honor of Mayor of Los Angeles, Mr. Tom Bradley in 1988. He received the Rezilochen from the Council of the Government of California and the President of the Council Mr. Dennis Brown in 1988. Shield of the [...]

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Moataz Abdullah

Designer, Editor & Visual media composer. Artist/Moataz Abdallah, Born on the 26th of November 1977. Bachelor of Art Education, Cairo University, 1999. National and International Art field. Participated in the Faculty of Specific Education exhibition "1999". 28th Egypt National Gallery of Fine Arts "2003". 15th Youth Salon "2003". 16th Youth Salon "2004". 8th Annual Advertising Award festival at the American University in Cairo "2004". 17th Youth Salon 2005. The Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia "2005". ArtWorks Design of promotional publications to the Arab Oud House "the Cultural Development Fund". Production of 2 animation movies [...]

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